VSI/e & Japie activity 2018

The Japie-VSI/e activity is an activity everyone always looks forward to. In the past few years we had a Port tasting session, a liquor tasting (and making) experience and a pubquiz. This years activity was an icesculpting workshop, creativity was needed and new skills were explored! 

Below you'll find an impression of the night (click 'lees meer') 

IJssculptuur workshop-1

IJssculptuur workshop-2

IJssculptuur workshop-3

The date of the activity is Wednesday, the 28th of March. Dinner is included in the program and therefore the activity starts at 18.00 hours already. If you are not able to attend the dinner, but you would still like to join, let us know and you can join us at 19.30 hours.

The location is (of course) the F.O.R.T. on the TU/e campus (Helix building).

* Their are currently some issues with the confirmation e-mail, Monday 26th of March we will e-mail everyone who has subscribed to confirm and with the latest information.